Recognition the subject of the text bythematic tags for webmasters, bloggers and software developers

How to test service?

FREE and on-line

Try it:does computer can correctly recognize theme of your text?

Paste copy of your text and test how to work our service. Computer by neural network provide one or more thematic tags.

What to do if the service makes mistake?
For this we have a form of assessment for the correction of the result. Select one of proposed options and the neural network will be calculated at night your text based on your assessment. You can look at out website on the next day and we can be pleasantly surprised by the progress in impovement of the work trained neural net.
If you like how our service detemine the subject of your text and your are thinkning to start useing our service, follow at "Prices and Conditions".

Tags cloud

If the articles on your website are marked thematic tags, why not bring in a prominent place cathalog of tags. This technology is called "a tag cloud". More details about it you can read in Thematic tags cloud or jast take a look at out tag cloud.
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