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Search at the site by using thematic tag

The new technology search site. Learn the power of thematic tags!

Site articles commenting and thematic tags

Commenting on the articles of the site - a popular way to radically increase its attendance. But in this case can not do without the tedious work on moderation of comments. How can we help thematic tags?

Automation of the detection of the thematic tags

How to set thematic tags into your article? Manual or auto?

The thematic compliance - what's it?

Will the link to my site work - depends on the thematic compliance

Common mistakes whan thematic tag setting

The most common mistakes when marking text by thematic tags. Will the neural network to avoid them in the classification of case tags on my website?

Tag4site: detection of the subject of the text by thematic tags

Detection of the subject of the text by thematic tags: public service for automatic detection thematic tags